Football Girls 3

The athletics program at HOPAC continues to develop and grow. Each year, we add a significant ‘first’ to our program. In 2010-2011, our first Basketball and Indoor Football (Soccer) games took place under the new permanent lights in the gym. In 2012, HOPAC has placed lights surrounding our outdoor soccer pitch – thanks to the fundraising by student council! This will allow HOPAC students and community to play games later on in the day.

Term 1 is dominated by football. All teams have regular practices and games throughout the week. Teams also participate in local tournaments. During Term 2, basketball season begins. All teams play school and club teams from around Dar es Salaam. Last year, our teams also had the opporunity to participate in Moshi Sports Weekend. The final term at HOPAC concentrates on swimming. HOPAC students compete in several national swim meets, as well as a number of inter-school meets. Our school pool gives our students the opportunity to practice on a regular basis.