Fine Arts


The fine arts program at HOPAC encourages the development of visual arts, literary arts, dance, drama and music. HOPAC helps students to engage in the process of creating, presenting and responding in the arts through the development of a variety of artistic skills. In the lower grades, students are introduced to a broad array of the arts. This includes music class and art instruction within classroom time. Primary students also have the opportunity to be involved in primary choir and primary productions throughout the course of the school year.

In the upper grades, students are given the opportunity to focus on the arts through core courses, electives and after school activities. HOPAC offers an ‘Art and Design’ examined course through Cambridge. Secondary students are also able to take music, drama and art as elective courses. Secondary students are also able to sign-up for Fun After School Activities where they can express themselves creatively. As in primary, secondary students are able to participate in both choir and productions. Last year, HOPAC performed very successful renditions of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ and ‘A Midsummer’s Night Dream’.