Primary School



Building the foundation for quality, Christian education.

The primary department of HOPAC consists of a single class for each grade from Kindergarten to Grade 5.  Children start in Kindergarten in the August/September following their fifth birthday. Each grade is taught as a single-age class in purpose-built, well-equipped classrooms equipped with wireless internet, projector and sound system for using multimedia presentations.  We have an well stocked library, a beautiful swimming pool, a new adventure playground, a covered basketball court, a music room and a computer lab; all of which help to enhance the delivery of the curriculum.

Our curriculum is based around the Cambridge International Educational curriculum, supplemented by the UK National Curriculum.  We are blessed to be able to offer specialist teaching for many subjects; Music, Swahili, Swimming, P.E., Information Technology and Library skills are all taught by specialist teachers each week.  This provides the students with the benefits of a regular class teacher and the expertise of a specialist for certain subjects. Specialist teaching instruction at the primary age also aids the process of transition to secondary school.

Assessment is a key strand in the learning process with baseline assessments being made at entry and levels of attainment mapped in Reading, Writing and Maths each term.  This enables us to monitor the progress of each student and access interventions when necessary to encourage every child to achieve to their full potential.

Our aim is to integrate an understanding of how God views us and our place in the world, a Biblical world-view.  We encourage our children to be critical, creative thinkers – questioning and interrogating in order to build their own system of beliefs and understanding. In our primary school, prayer is a key component. Each class also has time to pray during the day and is encouraged to bring praises and requests to God.  However, children may choose to sit out of these sessions while remaining respectful of those who wish to join in.

Our school motto of ‘Leadership, Service, Stewardship’ hinges around the concepts of respect; respect for one another, for creation and respect for God. This motto encourages students to recognize their place in society, to acknowledge their responsibilities and to be the agents of change in leading others.

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