What We Are Doing

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Educating students, contributing to community, raising up leaders.

Haven of Peace Academy (HOPAC) serves both its student body and its surrounding community. Through facilities, programmes and educational services, HOPAC contributes to capacity development within Tanzania. The following list outlines a number of ways in which HOPAC is helping Tanzania to achieve economic growth and social development:

     1.Improving education in Tanzania

     2. Creating employment opportunities in Tanzania

     3. Developing the skills of both Tanzanian students and staff

Our students are also encouraged to participate in the development of Tanzania. We provide opportunities for students to apply academic, social, and personal skills to improve the community. Through such service opportunities, students achieve self-development, individual growth, and a lifelong ethic of service. Please refer the page titled Service Learning in order to learn more about Service Learning curriculum and the types of projects that our students are involved with.