What We Value



Providing an excellent, Christ-centered international education.

Our school recognizes that the success of our educational mission depends upon a community holding shared values. As a school, Haven of Peace Academy values acceptance, encouragment, prayer, mutual respect and loving discipline. We believe that because each child is created in God’s image for a unique and useful purpose, each needs to be trained in Godly character. A child has physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual needs. Haven of Peace Academy seeks to give each student, through a broad range of activities, the opportunity to pursue personal growth in these areas. An inherent and important part of our philosophy is to cultivate in each pupil a sense of personal worth and an understanding and value of others, especially those different from themselves.

We also believe parents have God-given responsibility to train their children. Haven of Peace Academy functions as an agent for parents as loving, capable Christian teachers co-operate closely with them in every phase of the student’s development. Both parties co-operate to create a dynamic, learning environment. In conclusion, our goal is for each pupil to develop a personal faith in Christ and a Christ-like character; to excel in areas of personal ability and to prepare for Christian service in the world community.

HOPAC Values

  • ŸHOPAC serves the children of missionaries and full-time Christian service workers, and extends this opportunity to the children of other expatriates and Tanzanians;
  • HOPAC strives to provide an affordable education to children of missionaries and full-time Christian service workers throughout Tanzania and East Africa;
  • HOPAC maintains a dedicated teaching and administrative staff who uphold the Haven of Peace Academy Statement of Faith and Philosophy, integrating these concepts into all aspects of curricular and extra-curricular learning;
  • HOPAC exercises biblical stewardship over all resources, finances, and facilities;
  • HOPAC maintains an environment for students, teachers, staff, and parents that recognizes all people are created and valued by God, encourages them to develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and challenges them to look beyond themselves to serve others.